Dear Investors,


Certainly, as a Nation and across the globe, public health and preventive measures are ongoing. The World Health Organization and other organizational bodies are warning the public to take precautions to the potential health risk stemming from the recent Corona Virus also known as COVID-19. It is wise that limiting public gatherings could limit the potential number of cases and more of the virus outbreak.


During this time you may be reassured Real Estate and its affiliated activities are deemed as an Essential Business in the markets ADHD serves. Thus, Closing Attorneys, Title Companies, Home Depot, Lowes, Contractors, etc., remain active and fully engaged.


In addition to news regarding the virus, its path, and recommended actions, there are numerous reports of the cancellation of schools, company events, warehouses, etc. all closing during this time to be socially responsible and do their part in limiting the spread of this virus. Our organization is in agreement with top healthcare officials and health prevention agencies to do everything in our power to prevent this virus from reaching mass scale.


As an investor, there’s one question that’s probably foremost in your mind: “How will the novel coronavirus COVID-19 impact my investments?” We are closely monitoring any potential impact this global pandemic may have on our business operations: principally our team of general contractors and property managers nationwide, not to mention our vendors and suppliers. We are also encouraging our property managers to work with our tenants having a hard time making payments. We are advising all parties in our network to take preventive measures per state and city regulations.


Though our work will continue, it is important to note that all renovations are ongoing. We have had no current indication of any concerns nor foreseeable in terms of ceasing construction rehabs. Rest assured that careful monitoring and attention are in place. In regards to any turnkey units that investors have invested in through our organization, while we cannot directly speak for Bargain Investment Homes, we do know that they are also taking appropriate precautions and are always available to answer any questions you may have. Regardless of deal type, there is no imminent or foreseen impact on your investments.


How will COVID-19 impact our operations? Atlanta Discount Home Deals has always been a 100% remote operations company. We have team members across the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Our entire team already works and operates 100% remote for our core departments and services. We have no concerns at this time and the foreseeable future of any impact in our operations. Atlanta Discount Home Deals is confidently moving forward and remains committed to our investors and helping you achieve your goals. We are all doing our part by ensuring and encouraging the highest level of precautionary measures for our team at large.


Transparently, we will keep you up to date. Above all, we keep you and your families in our prayers. Please reach out to our Investor Relations Team with any specific questions via email or directly.


At your service,