A Long-Term property is a property secured at low cost, renovated and placed on the market to rent that provides steady long-term passive income.

Long-Term Properties are ideal for their opportunity to provide long-term passive income.

Long-Term Properties provide financial income in 2 ways:

(1) Passive Income – via Monthly Paid Rents
(2) Profit Gain – via the profit made from the increased appreciation on the sale of the property

The average Long-Term Property is owned between 5 and 10 years. However, market conditions and property value should always be monitored.

If the market upturn, and the potential to sell the asset comes available where the profit will equal or be greater than the originally anticipated deal outcome.

Investors in Long-Term Properties are the investors on the property.

Long-Term properties are held in trust. Therefore, America’s Discount Home Deals manages the operations of the units in their entirety. This includes repairs, renovations, tenant applicants, etc.

ADHD provides our Concierge Service for Long-Term Properties.

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