A Short-Term Property is a short-term investment opportunity with a quick and moderate return.

Short-Term Properties are ideal for their opportunity to provide a shorter term, one-time payout of profit.

Short Term Deals provide financial income in one way but which way depends on the results of the project. Short Term Notes provide two options to earn but only the higher amount is paid. The two potential earning streams are:

Profit Gain – via the profit made from the increased appreciation on the sale of the property

Interest Gain – via the overall interest earned based on the interest rate of the note and the length of the project.

Clients will earn the greater of the two.

The average Short-Term Property is owned between 6 months to 2 years. However, market conditions and property value should always be monitored.

If the market downturns, and the potential to rent the asset comes available where as the potential to provide profit to the investor waiting for the property to sell, this course of action is taken. It is beneficial not only for the immediate income relief, but also as many property owners prefer to buy tenant occupied uni

Investors in Short-Term Properties are the investors on the property.

ADHD provides our Concierge Service for all of our Short-Term Properties, which includes ensuring all regulatory needs are met, transitional services and fees are maintained and paid and all renovations are done swiftly but efficiently. The goal is always to move these properties quickly.

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