1615 East Idell Street Florida

Property type:Sold
Area (Sq Ft)

The space

  • Year Built: 1973


  • Car Port


New Drywall and Ceiling Refurbishment

Hello and welcome to another update concerning this soon-to-be lovely home. Our team on site has made great progress with the installation of new ceiling and drywall panels throughout this home. Please see the progress in the slideshow above, and stay tuned for further updates!

Roof Repair and Refurbishment

Hello and welcome to another update! At 1615 E Idell, it was found that the majority of the roof’s decking needed to be replaced — this project was undertaken with the utmost care. Just recently, our team onsite completed the roof refurbishment. With a new roof, 1615 E Idell will certainly be able to withstand future years of weather. The beautiful results of this project may be viewed in our slideshow above.

New Window Installation

Hello and welcome to a Atlanta Discount Home Deals update. At 1615 E Idell Avenue, new windows have been installed and the temporary plywood coverings removed. This will certainly prepare the home for the rehabilitation traffic upcoming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more changes.

More Initial Images and Cleaning

Hello and welcome to another update about this property! Just recently, the team on site was working through cleaning the grounds to prepare for initial demo and repair. Significant progress can be seen between the initial images and the images in our slideshow above.

In the Beginning

Hello and welcome to another Atlanta Discount Home Deals property! We are so excited to welcome you to a transformative journey within this home. 1615 E Idell Avenue is a formerly larger 1973 dwelling which is still within a multi-family, 5,250 square foot lot. This home features 2 bedrooms, and1 bathroom within 1,134 square feet. As you may see in our images above, there is a lot of potential to be found, and constructive progress to be made. We are ready to get started, stay tuned for further updates!

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