Making The Deal Happen – Part 2

Learning that real estate comps help you in your goal to real estate success is one of the first steps to prosperity.  I wanted to share the second installment of the post.  What happens after you have done your research and bought the property?  You’ve renovated, what should your next step be?

Now that you have rehabbed, it’s time to find a buyer. Most often it will be easiest to find a cash buyer. You can also market your wholesale deal by placing classified ads online or through a variety of other marketing strategies such as direct mail and bandit signs.

Once you have your deal under contract and you have found an interested cash buyer, it’s time to close the deal and make your profit. The thing I enjoy about wholesaling real estate is that you don’t need cash or credit, and you never have to worry about renovating a property or dealing with tenants. Basically, you just find a good deal and a serious cash buyer and you have the winning combination for quick cash.

Don’t let wholesaling intimidate you.  Learn the ropes and you will be amazed at how it will begin to come to you naturally. Just remember this, what matters is that whatever location you choose, you must focus on two things: finding motivated sellers and serious investor buyers. The perfect combination for success.