A Unique deal can be a variety of deal types. From commercial properties, trailer parks, long term care facilities to larger long or short term deals that follow a different strategy.

Unique deals are known to have the potential for higher passive income values and/or higher returns on investment. However, there is also a higher level of risk involved in these types of deals.

The financial benefits will vary depending on the type of real estate and the deal structure and strategy. Some potential financial gains are:

(1) Passive Income – via Monthly Paid Rents
(2) Profit Gain – via the profit made from the increased appreciation on the sale of the property

Unique deals will have a unique lifecycle. They can vary from 6 months to 10 years. The timeline will be determined based on the strategy used.

If the market upturn, and the potential to sell the asset comes available where the profit will equal or be greater than the originally anticipated deal outcome.

Each unique deal is different. However, ADHD provides our Concierge Service for all our deals.